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November 12, 2011



BlackBerry isn't known for hundreds of thousands of apps available on the BlackBerry App World. While some may see that as a disadvantage, BlackBerry addicts may see that as a blessing in disguise since quite frankly, you'd need more than a lifetime to go through hundreds of thousands of apps. 

TuneWiki Pro: Rs. 250
If you like Karaoke, then TuneWiki Pro gives you lyrics with music and minus the ads. TuneWiki's social media player provides you subtitled lyrics to the music in your stored library, music videos that you can watch on your device and Internet streaming radio through SHOUTcast radio. As you play music, lyrics scroll on the bottom of the screen and are available for over 2.5 million songs.
White Noise: Rs. 100
Sleep is something many of us take for granted, only to learn too late that it's perhaps even more important than working out. So, if you feel you need to relax or sleep better, especially if you're in a hotel room, on an airplane or even if you want to take a quick nap at college or office--White Noise provides ambient sounds of the environment you like to help you relax or sleep. Sounds include high quality looping noises such as a running stream, crickets chirping at night, and the soothing sound of rainfall.
good 'ol brick game
good 'ol brick game

Tetris: Rs. 150
This game needs no introduction. It has been around for quite sometime, and scores high because it is fun and addictive. Drop blocks to clear lines—as simple as that. On BlackBerry, this puzzle action game offers race a two-minute clock in Ultra and also Forty Line, where you try clearing 40 lines as fast as you can. Plus, you can enjoy the famous Marathon mode. 

Angry Farm: Rs. 250
While Angry Birds is supposed to be coming to BlackBerry soon, till then you can play Angry Farm. You need to help angry animals fight back to clear the farm of marauding foxes. The angry animals are armed with a catapult and they fly through the air like furious birds before colliding spectacularly with the foxes hiding inside protective farm structures.

Light 'Em Up: Rs. 50
A puzzle game with a simple goal of lighting up all the buttons. While you simply tap a button to bump its light, the fun begins when you realise that tapping a button also bumps its neighbours' lights. 

Xobni: Rs. 100
Xobni is inbox inverted and is a smart solution for automatically organizing all your contacts in one place beyond your address book. Xobni makes all the people you've ever emailed, called or sent an SMS to, instantly searchable from your BlackBerry. Xobni creates rich profiles for them even if they are not in your address book.  Discover all your contacts beyond your address book, how you know them, when you last talked, and who you have in common.
Scans cards
Scans business cards

I attend lots of business events and meetings and storing and categorising cards is a perennial headache. This brilliant app turns your BlackBerry into a scanner and does just what the creator claims--transforms piles of business cards into your phone contacts in several clicks. You need to snap clear card photos either using your BlackBerry's built-in camera or by downloading pictures to your BlackBerry picture folder.

BeBuzz: Rs. 300
BeBuzz enables you to control your BlackBerry's front LED colour to see who is contacting you without picking up the phone. For instance, you can set bright red for calls from your boss, pink for e-mails from your cute girlfriend, turquoise for BBM messages and disco for your fun cousins and perhaps red/yellow when your battery is low. BeBuzz also offers features like Repeating Audible Notifiers, On-Screen Popup Notifiers and Vibrate-While-Ringing. 

Wakeful: Rs. 250
Wakeful is a talking alarm clock app that helps you kick off your day productively by providing you with your life's most important information when waking up. You wake up to the latest breaking news (not India-specific though!), local weather and  current stock information based on the world's most important indexes. Waking up was never so fun!

SliderLock: Rs. 50
This app automatically locks your BlackBerry keypad when the backlight goes off to prevent unwanted activity. No more accidental calls because you forgot to lock your phone or accidental app launches that waste battery life.

Please feel free to add your own choices based on the OS you’re currently using. Do keep in mind this is all within a budget of Rs. 2,000.


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