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November 20, 2011

AppTr@p:PayPal launches 'Send Money' app for Facebook

Popular e-commerce service, PayPal has just launched its app for Facebook to facilitate what it calls 'personalized payments' for the users of the social networking site. The app called 'Send Money', which can be previewed here allows users to send money, either with ecards to make them personalized or send money simply without it. One look at the new app and it becomes clear that Send Money seems to be a good option to keep  if you want to send money for festivals, or other occasions. The app features cards under categories like - Top Picks, Just Because, Ocassion, Holiday and Make Someone's Day. Categories like Holiday, Ocassion, et al further have sub-categories allowing users to choose from. 
A sample personalized ecard
A sample personalized ecard

Once you choose your card, you proceed to choosing the receiver of the card and money. Herein the user has the option of sending it, either to a Facebook contact or someone with an e-mail id. If the user picks a Facebook contact as the receiver, they're asked for the receiver's mail id, too. This is done, since the receiver immediately gets a mail to login to their PayPal account to collect their money, and if the user is not a PayPal user they can create their id, this way. Once you enter the name of the Facebook contact, your next step is typing your message, which you can in the text box, using the backgroung colour of your choice. Herein, like in the image below, users have the option of attaching photos or YouTube videos. Once done, a preview will show you the message, exactly how it will appear to your receiver friend. 
You can type in your message here, or give this step a miss!
You can type in your message here

The next step, as seen in the image below prompts the user to enter the amount details as well as the currency type. Once done with this step, the user is directed to PayPal. 
Enter the amount, currency type here
Enter the amount, currency type here

PayPal states that users sending money via this app on Facebook will experience same level of security, they have while transacting on PayPal's official site. 


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