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November 11, 2011

Creative WP-350 Review

Although the previous model i.e. the WP-300 proved to be top notch in the quality department, the rather “heavy” price tag and lack of some relevant features were an issue. The WP-350 is the slightly higher end model launched by Creative and is designed to try and fill in the blanks, so to speak. Of course quality is the key factor and for those who appreciate good quality tech, even price takes a back seat. Keeping that in mind, here’s a closer at Creative’s WP-350 A2DP enabled Bluetooth headset. 

Form Factor
In terms of design the WP-350 is the 300’s twin. That pretty much translates to – it’s extremely comfortable to wear even for long periods of time. The WP-350 weighs in at just 108gms, which also makes it light weight. Leatherette cushioning over the earpieces make it comfortable to wear but using them while working out might not be a good idea. Once the earpieces get a little wet they tend to become a little slippery. The earpieces fold inward making the headset slightly flatter and a bit more convenient for portability. It would have been a whole lot better if they could have folded some more so it would be just a little more compact. Nevertheless it’s still not an issue most users will raise so much as an eyebrow over. It supports A2DP and AVRCP as well.
Comfortable form
Comfortable form

The buttons are placed very neatly on the earpieces with the main controls located on the Right side. The Call take/End (single button) key also serves as the power button and what you’d use to pair up the headset with compatible devices. Volume buttons are placed on the underside of the right speaker casing so you can easily increase or decrease the volume with you thumb by holding the earpiece. A micro USB charging port is placed on the under side of the left earpiece. Unlike the WP-300 though, this model is equipped with a microphone for taking calls. 

Pairing is a simple process as there are no passwords or keys to enter into your device. Simply search for the device and click connect and you’re good to go. Once you’re “switched-on” you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the overall experience. Loaded up with features like aptX technology from Creative you’re quite assured of smooth streaming without delay or lag of any kind. Creative has also thrown in a set of Neodymium drivers that are designed to enhance audio quality to quite an extent and also assist audio performance for calls. Creative also employs their ClearSpeech technology to help make voice calls better. 
"Invisible" Mic

When it comes to audio performance in the music department, the WP-350 is top notch. Bass comes in loud and clear and still manages to keep the “thump” from creating any sort of distortion when the volume is peaked. The higher frequencies are very well balanced providing a neat jar-free audio experience devoid of sharp or shrill tones. On the whole when listening to music or watching videos the audio quality is superb. 

The issue that needs to be addressed is the actual quality of voice while on calls. What we noticed on calls is that the audio, in some cases was quite muffled. Although what the person is saying is quite legible, there’s just a bit of an issue when it comes too overall clarity. Sure there are plenty of enhancements provided, as mentioned, but that merely makes the point of better quality being provided all the more relevant. When asked if our voice was clear to the person on the other end, seven of out 10 users said that they were able to hear us quite clearly even if we were in a closed room or out in the open. That’s not a bad average. 
Easy to manage set up and remote control system
Easy to manage set up and remote control system

The range of the WP-350 headset is easily usable even if your device is a little outside of 28 meters away. Of course it’s not that great going through walls. 

Battery Life
Creative speaks of the WP-350 offering a 9 hour battery life. In real time and with our audio testing, the device managed to come quite close, clocking in at 8 hours and about 35 minutes on a full charge. It’ll take you a little over an hour to charge fully but you’ll be good for a day with that, provided you’re not wearing the headset for 24 hours of course.
Neatly folds for portability
Neatly folds for portability

Bottom Line
With a price tag of Rs. 5,999 (MOP), the WP-350 proves to be a slightly better option than its predecessor. For the mobile phone users this product will help enhance your audio experience while offering you wireless freedom. It offers excellent audio quality with decent quality on calls on the whole. It might seem a little bit on the steep side but with a premium quality look and feel with the kind of quality and comfort the device offers, it’s quite worth it.

InterfaceBluetooth 2.1 + EDR (Enhanced Data Rate)
Battery TypeLithium-Ion
Talk timeUp to 9 Hrs
Standby TimeNo Information
ButtonsNo Information
System rangeUp to 10 Meters
Weight (gms)108 grams
Warranty (years)1


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