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November 12, 2011

Exclusive:Samsung Windows 8 Tablet To Release in late 2012

An Windows 8 tablet will join the Samsung portfolio. The information was confirmed by Uhm Kyu Ho, Samsung’s head of sales and marketing, and the Samsung Windows 8 tablet will be sold along with their next-gen Android-powered tablets.
The first Windows 8-powered Samsung tablet is based on an improved version of the Samsung Sliding PC Series 7 model, a tablet PC designed for Windows7, featuring both a touchscreen and a sliding keyboard.
The tablet PC Series 7 design combines the advantages of a laptop with the versatility of a tablet, as it features a 10.1-inch touchscreen display for web browsing and entertainment, plus a sliding full QWERTY keyboard and a trackpad that you can use whenever you need to perform more complex actions.
Windows 8 Tablet
                Windows 8 tablet
Being as slim as a traditional tablet and having a matching price, the Samsung Windows 8 tablet PCs are more like a niche product, targeting the users in the bossiness environment, users that are attracted by the multitouch display mirage but they are not ready yet to abandon the ergonomics of a laptop.
Samsung will start selling the Windows 8 tablet PCs in the Q3 2012, confirmed one of the South Korea-based company’s officials.
Uhm Kyu Ho, Samsung’s head of sales and marketing said that the Windows 8-powered handset will be, most likely, a modified version of the Series 7 PC, which come with a touchscreen and a wireless keyboard.
Microsoft presented the latest version of the Windows operating system in September, running on a device developed by Samsung. Because the Windows 8 was optimized to increase the battery life, now the users of the handhelds running on Microsoft’s new OS will be able to enjoy a lightning fast boot and a battery life that ca stretch to a full day on a single charge.
Nam Seong-woo, Samsung PC EVP, said that is powered by Windows 7 and that it can run PC applications. Samsung will come up with a Windows 8 update for the Series 7 users. The software update allows the users to arrange their favorite applications, contacts and information on the tiles from the home screen.
The first Samsung tablet running on Windows 8 operating system will be launched sometime in the second half of the next year. The good news for the Samsung enthusiasts that are planning to buy a Sliding PC Series 7 model, pre-loaded with Windows 7, is that the South Korea-based company will roll out theWindows 8 update after Microsoft officially launches the platform. Even so, the Asian company haven’tannounced wether the update is offered for free or they are charging for it.
Samsung is willing to increase their laptop sales with 80%, to 18 million units this year. In September, Samsung and Microsoft announced that the two companies have signed a partnership deal in order to develop the first Windows 8-powered tablet in the world


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