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November 20, 2011

Pre-orders begin for the iPhone 4S via Airtel starting at Rs. 44,500

Airtel and Aircel are the only carriers to be officially launching the iPhone 4S in India and there had been rumblings from some days now that preorders for the smartphone would commence today. Prior to this, there was no indication as to what the price of the iPhone 4S would be but reports had pointed out that it would be expensive. Airtel has just launched a page on their website displaying that the pre-orders for the iPhone 4S have started and one can get the handset at the time of the launch.
Preorders are underway
Pre-orders are underway

The 16GB of the iPhone 4S is available for Rs. 44,500, while the 32GB variant will be sold for Rs. 50,900. There is no indication on the pricing of the 64GB version or even the 8GB iPhone 4. However, according to a report by, sources have informed them that the 64GB model would be available in India for Rs. 57,500 and the iPhone 4 8GB model would cost Rs. 37,900. This means that the lower capacity iPhone 4 may sell at a price point that is higher than the older 16GB version. The report states that the price of the 8GB iPhone 3GS has also increased to Rs. 20,900.

To pre-order an iPhone 4S, click here.

Let us know your reactions on the pricing of the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 in India as well as the increase in the price of the iPhone 3GS. How many of you, judging by these prices, would pick up the handset here or would you rather ask friends or relatives to pick up a carrier unlocked iPhone from overseas at a cheaper rate?

Editor's Note - Taking into account that the handset boasts of some pretty high-end specs, but retains the design of its predecessor. With prices like this, it seems like the compeption could be moving on ahead of Apple. Even the true Apple loyalists might have issues with these prices. When the iPhone 4 hit the Indian market, the 32GB device was priced at Rs. 41,000 with the 16GB edition bearing at Rs. 34,500 price tag. Should these prices turn out to be accurate, how does Apple justify an older model with no upscaled but rather downsized specs (8GB) being priced over Rs. 3,000 more than the previous edition? Let's wait and see.


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