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December 23, 2011

Evernote helps you remember people and food; launches Skitch for iPad

Evernote launched two major updates, recently. The first of which is a feature called Hello, which allows you to remember people's faces and names; provided they have an iPhone loaded with Evernote, of course. According to Reuters, the way the feature works is - people swap phones and write their names in the other person's phone. Then the app prompts the user to take their picture. Hello then can send each person an e-mail with the new information. Furthermore, it stores data like where the users met, a picture of the location and a map and address.
Evernote Hello
Evernote Hello

Phil Libin, Evernote chief executive said, "Current technology for remembering people is very antiquated. Your brain doesn't remember people alphabetically -- you remember them based on what they look like, when you met them and the context."

When a contact that is added to Hello is tapped, all the information about them that has been entered can be accessed, including a history of interactions with that person. To watch Hello in the works, view the video below. 


Another feature Evernote realeased is a Food app, aptly titled Food. The app allows users to track social events surrounding meals with pictures. It also allows users to save and share their favourite recipes to the social networks. Finally, users can write restaurant reviews and enter diets.
Evernote Food
Evernote Food

Evernote also recently released Skitch for the iPad. With Skitch, users can annotate and draw on anything they see, whether it’s a new or an existing photo, a webpage, screenshot, map, or a blank canvas. Users can then share their work with friends, colleagues or save it all to Evernote. Or share to Twitter, e-mail and AirPlay. Skitch for iPad has its own web browser designed to help users mark up any webpages they encounter. After tapping the Web icon, users can either go directly to a URL or type in a search. After finding the desired page, the Snap icon can be tapped to have an image of the webpage that can be annotated. This can be used to provide feedback on a web project or to point out directions on a map.
Evernote Skitch for iPad
Evernote Skitch for iPad

Skitch is only available for the iPad, so far but will be coming to the iPhone soon. The feature is available from the iOS App Store for free. 


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