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December 23, 2011

LG previews IPS monitors ahead of CES 2012

There are still a few more days for CES 2012 to begin, but LG appears to be in a rush to show off what the brand has to offer at the event. Through an announcement, LG states that they will unveil their 2012 IPS monitor line-up at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, scheduled for next month. The new IPS monitors from LG are divided into the DM92, DM82 and DM52 series, in addition to the D43 3D monitor. LG claims that their upcoming IPS monitors will provide consumers with the most optimal 3D viewing solution that offers immersive 3D viewing with higher resolutions from wider viewing angles.
Stylish monitors from LG to be announced at CES 2012
Stylish monitors from LG to be announced at CES 2012

Here is a breakdown on what to expect from their coming range of IPS monitors:

The DM92 series – It features a slim bezel and CINEMA SCREEN, which is accompanied by a chrome stand. Through the monitor 27-inch display, users can access files on their PC, play games or watch TV shows. It is also optimized for viewing 3D content and by incorporating an IPS panel; LG claims that the DM92 series enables greater depth, consistent color and brightness at wider viewing angles compared to conventional 3D displays.

The DM82 series – It features a futuristic design by using a black metallic stand that is supported by a slim base. It has a 23-inch display and LG claims that the 3D display quality is among the industry’s best, with superior colour tone from any viewing angle. Apart from this, it also features built-in 7-watt speakers.

The DM52 series - It comes in two sizes, which are 27-inches and 23-inches and comes with connectivity options, such as HDMI and USB that can be used for content-sharing with external devices. It also has 3D capabilities.

The LG D43 monitor – LG claims that this monitor is optimized for 3D and has a host of technologies and features, such as the ability to convert 2D content into 3D without any additional software, a 3D effect mode as well as SUPER Resolution. Apart from this, the monitor features a 3D hot key allowing a user to adjust and control the depth of the 3D images onscreen. 

These monitors will be officially unveiled at CES 2012 in January and will be available in the market from February 2012.


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