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December 30, 2011

Next iPad to feature a 14,000mAh battery?

Apple has a tendency of unveiling their iPads in the first quarter of the year. They have done in the past iPad was announced in February 2010, while the iPad 2 was first previewed in March 2011. So, it is about that time of the year when the rumour mills start heating up with talks about what to expect from the next generation iPad. Previously, it was rumoured that Apple is currently working on a 7-inch version of their iconic tablet, named the iPad mini. However, as of now these are just speculations. The latest rumour comes from DigiTimes, who have been informed by sources that Apple is looking to launch a battery, which is double the capacity of the iPad 2.
Now in another colour - white
Apple planning on doubling the battery capacity of the iPad?

The report states that Apple is set to unveil two iPads, next year - one a high-end version that will feature a 14,000mAh battery and the second, a mid-range tablet. The battery on the current generation iPad is 6,500mAh, so it appears that Apple is literally more than doubling the battery capacity. However, not much is known about the mid-range iPad, but it could probably be a smaller version of the iPad, thereby keeping in line with the rumours of the iPad mini.

The report goes on state that the slate would be announced in January 2012, which is also when Apple's Macworld/iWorld event takes place, usually. However, Apple stated in the past that they would no longer be showcasing products at their Macworld/iWorld event. As of now, like with most Apple rumours, one should not read too much into it and wait and watch as to what the brand has to offer come announcement time.


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