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January 09, 2012

CES 2012: Acer unveils cloud service, AcerCloud

Acer unveiled its own cloud service at CES, entitled AcerCloud. The service will connect all Acer smart devices, anytime and anywhere. With the service, users can retrieve multimedia and data files anytime, even if their main PC is in sleep/standby//hibernation mode. Information is stored and transferred using encryption to secure data. AcerCloud will be available for free on all new Acer consumer PCs.

Acer's cloud service

Acer's cloud service

The service will allow users to perform such tasks as taking a picture on their smartphone and accessing that picture on their main PCs without manual transferring. It also allows users to purchase a movie on an all-in-one PC, which can then be watched later on a tablet or a smartphone. As long as the main PC is in sleep or hibernation mode, it can be woken up using Acer Always Connect (part of the AcerCloud service) over Wi-Fi and files can then be accessed on mobile devices.

Some services in AcerCloud, include PicStream, AcerCloud Docs and Media. PicStream allows users to take pictures from their smartphone, back them up to their PC and share them across other mobile devices. Users can stream photos via in the Cloud to PCs and other devices; photos are backed up permanently on their PC, and temporarily accessible for 30 days in their personal cloud and on other devices.

Similarly with AcerCloud Docs, users can make and edit documents on their main PC and when stored in the cloud, they can be accessed on their smart devices. The files will be temporarily accessible for 30 days in the personal cloud and on the devices, or they can choose to download the files on to other devices for long-term storage. Finally, users can access their multimedia at any time. It can be used to connect to the cloud to either stream live or download content.


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