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January 09, 2012

CES 2012: Wireless charging takes center stage

At the CES 2012, Fulton shows off its wireless technology for wirelessly charging devices. The company has showcased multi-range, multi-protocol, and multi-surface applications and taken the wireless technology to the next level. It has increased the interoperability that allows a device to be moved around a surface for efficiently charging it.

Charging phone...minus cords...

Charging phone...minus cords...

The ability to charge through metal surfaces opens the door for phone manufacturers currently building phones with metal backs to incorporate wireless power capabilities without compromising design," said Dave Baarman, Director of Advanced Technologies for Fulton Innovation.

This new development in special freedom for wireless charging is demoed by charging a cell phone through a handbag, obviously negating the need for wires. Some more demonstrations will be charging devices within the general area of a wireless power transmitter. So, will the days of charging devices through an exact charging spot become obsolete? This advanced wireless power solution can be built into any surface, even packaging and publications, says the company. On display will be Entertainment Weekly's recent issue powered by eCoupled intelligent wireless power technology. The magazine will light up using the wirelessly powered printed electronics. This prototype shows how wireless power can be used by publishers and advertisers to increase their revenue.

The company will show wirelessly charging devices like phones and tablets by simply placing the device on the dashboard of a car that has its internal surface power-enabled wirelessly. A Tesla electric vehicle (EV) showcases a similar technology wherein the car charges itself wirelessly. Fulton's technology can be used for a range of power requirements. Moreover, eCoupled can be configured to directly power everyday devices and appliances.


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