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January 13, 2012

Foxconn suicidal workers sign a deal with manufacturer

Workers at Foxconn's Wuhan production plant in China had, in the last week threatened the manufacturers with claims that if their dues weren't paid, they would commit suicide jumping off the roof of the factory, reports The Verge. Foxconn factories manufacture several popular products reigning in the market today, which include - iPhone, Xbox, and Kindle, among others.

However, over the past year, the factory has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. It first came in the news, when several workers in the factory committed suicide, in order to draw attention to the 'inhuman' working conditions of the factory, which included long working hours, poor pay, among others. Recently, news also had it that workers from the factory were threatening the management stating that if their dues weren't complied to, they would take the extreme step. On Thursday, some 150 workers of some 32,000 workers of the factory threatened the management with the extreme step.

Explosion at Foxconn plant kills 2 injures 16 more

All's well now

Now, however, reports state that the management have worked out on a middle ground with the workers, convincing all, but 45 of them to return back to work. Microsoft, one of the companies who have some of their products manufactured at Foxconn carried out an investigation, during which they found out that the friction with the management had little to do with working conditions in the factory. But, instead pertained to staffing assignments and transfer policies. The report further states that, "dispute actually stems from the company failing to deliver on a promised wage increase for workers transferring from the company's larger Shenzhen campus to Wuhan, where working conditions are more difficult."


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