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January 14, 2012

Google TV Nexus – the next for Android technology

The Nexus branding has been synonymous with Samsung for the last two years with the brand releasing their flagship handset from Google. However, according to a report byEngadget, it appears that Google and LG are working together to build a compatible television set. The report cites an interview they did with Google TV Product Manager, Rishi Chandra in which he states that the focus for them is to centre on increasing the ability to personalize user experience and further enhance content discovery.

LG to team up with Google to launch Google TV?

LG to team up with Google to launch Google TV Nexus?

In a related report, sources have informed Bloomberg that LG appears to be in the forefront by using this Android technology with television sets. The report states that Google plans to unveil the third version of the Google TV by the end of this year; and with the LG TV set being the first, other manufacturers can develop their own program based on the new software.

At CES 2012, LG announced the Google TV that combines LG’s Smart TV functionality with the Android operating system. However, other brands are hot on their heels and will also launch television sets that are based on this interface. One of these brands is Samsung who rival LG in HDTVs. When asked for a comment by Bloomberg, LG’s Claire Jang said that no decision on the partnership has been made while Google’s Robin Moroney declined to comment on the Google Nexus TV.

2012 is shaping up to be a good year for televisions, on the whole and only time will tell as to what we can expect from this year.


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