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January 05, 2012

President Obama joins Instagram

President Barack Obama is pretty social media savvy with a Twitter, Google+, Facebook and FourSquare account. His team at the White House and himself also post pictures to their Flickr accounts. Now, being noted for being a BlackBerry user, Barack Obama has joined the iOS only social media platform, Instagram. His username is barackobama. According toTechCrunch, this doesn't mean that Obama will give up his BlackBerry for an iPhone, rather, a team will be managing his account and letting him use their iPhones every now and then.

President Obama on Instagram

President Obama on Instagram

2012 will see the Presidential elections in the United States, and as voting day draws nearer, it can be easily predicted that there will be more and more political activity on social networks. Kevin Systrom, the CEO of Instagram wrote in a blog post, "We’ve seen political coverage on Instagram increase as the 2012 US Presidential Election nears. News organizations such as NBC News, ABC World News and the Washington Post have been sharing behind-the-scenes photos at debates and town hall meetings across the country, offering us a unique look into the 2012 elections. As we get closer to election day in 2012, we look forward to seeing how campaigns, reporters and voters use Instagram to tell the story of the 2012 Presidential Election through photos.”

The first image the President posted on Instagram is a picture of himself talking to Iowa caucus attendeees. There have been two more pictures posted to the account, the second of which is President Obama talking in Cleveland, Ohio. The account managers for Obama on Instagram invite users to share photos from the campaign trail with them by using the #obama2012 hashtag.


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