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January 12, 2012

Shazam releases Player app for iOS

Shazam, the music discovery and identification app launched a new version of itself, called Shazam Player for iOS devices. It is a separate app from the original Shazam app and is the first to come from the company, since the original. The app comes with features such as LyricPlay, which streams lyrics along with the music playing, videos on YouTube and of course, sharing on the social networks. You will also be able to see concert dates of artists that you want to see live.

Screenshots of Shazam Player

Screenshots of Shazam Player

But, the Shazam Player essentially is a music player. The app will allow you to view your library by artist, album or song with links to iTunes, if you want to buy more music. Your music can be managed by keeping your existing iTunes playlists or creating new playlists within the app. The app also allows you to select your favourite music and hide the songs you don't like for when you 'shuffle'. You can make 'on-the-fly' lists of songs you particularly want to listen to at the moment.

Other features include Top Tracks, which gives you a changing list of songs with LyricPlay, lyrics starting with the band, Maroon 5. If you don't have their music, you can buy it on iTunes. You also have a Track Tray for each song, which means, in addition to seeing your library in song/artist/album view, you can view all the Shazam features available for each song. Finally, from within the Shazam Player app, users can launch the regular Shazam app to identify other music. The Shazam Player app is available for free from the iOS App Store.


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