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January 18, 2012

Special:Overview On LTE Technology

What is LTE Technology?

To be able to offer users a mobile broadband service over a truly fourth generation or 4G network a provider will have to completely upgrade their entire network infrastructure. One such technology currently being considered by mobile broadband providers is Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology, which is currently one of the most likely candidates to be officially classes as a 4G technology by the telecommunications industry. When mobile broadband providers do roll out LTE technology over their networks it will offer users a whole range of benefits and new facilities, which will allow them to get far more out of their mobile broadband service.

What new features will LTE technology offer users?

Users will find a whole host of great new advantages over their current 3G connections when LTE technology is finally deployed by mobile broadband operators. This will include much faster connection speeds that will allow users to stream high quality audio and video over the internet and also the ability the download much larger data files than they are currently able to over their 3G service. For mobile network providers LTE technology will allow them to support far more users over their network and the extra bandwidth will also allow them to handle much data moving around their network, even during the busiest times of the day.
Far better network coverage will also be available using LTE technology and providers will need to install less equipment in order to achieve this extra coverage, which will greatly reduce the cost of upgrading their network and this will allow them to provide much cheaper services. Users living in rural and remote parts of the country that are currently very limited in the level of fixed-line and mobile broadband services they are able to receive will stand to benefit the most from the introduction of this technology as it will provide them with internet access over an affordable high-speed broadband connection.

Which users will get the most out of using this technology?

The improvements that will be made when LTE technology is finally rolled out in terms of speed, network capacity and coverage will make mobile broadband a far more viable option for many users, whether they are using the service for personal or business use. Faster connection speeds and greater levels of coverage will allow users to access the internet from almost anywhere in the UK at a speed that is similar to a fixed-line broadband connection and this will appeal to existing users who wish to upgrade to a better service and new users who now feel that LTE technology will allow them to do everything they want to do.

What alternative will users have to Long Term Evolution technology?

At the moment the biggest rival to LTE technology is WiMAX and although they offer almost identical benefits in terms of speed and coverage they are completely different technologies. The cost of the two technologies will also differ, and this may have a major impact on which of the technologies network providers opt for. Even after a number of successful trials of LTE technology there is no guarantee that this will be the technology they use for their next generation networks.


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