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January 17, 2012

Special:What to look at while buying a Smartphone..

Note:We have written this article with respect to android OS mostly..

   This morning just decided to write something that really bothered many.I know many of 'em dont have as such!!But the Smart Era is here to stay.$o lets just begin..
Smart phones nowadays are much cheaper,previously it was 10,000 bucks for a 200 processor [in India].Now,you get a 800Mhz processor for that money.Also mightily the Boon comes from open—Source Android OS.The hype around these ethical  ones is increasing day by day.
Recently,we reported that Android was more vulnerable to viruses etc.The fact is that the open-source OS does not show the background "SCHEDULED" running apps in the Task Manager.So we start off..

Apps are more vulnerable as we reported in the latter paragraph.To control it we need to justify our Security with some really mean Anti-virus Solutions.for our mobile.Now-a-days many apps are available in the market some Free while most Paid.Many opt for the Paid ones as its said "Free doesn't mean Safety" .But serioulsy,this ain't the situation.One of the app we reviewed recently,NetQin Security was much to my expectations a fast & the best app.It does not consume much of the battery also scans fast & pretty safe,atleast I think,after I used it for a month.Some apps stuff in mobiles require background sync which my result your mobile to slow down..Recommend every user to get one...
OS needs to be looked out the most.Because of the Fact that you might use it as long as you would like and should be according to the need.If you want to go by our view then read further.We think the best choice would be a iOS,well if you really cant afford one then try the Android starting @3500 from mobile operators..Also if you seriously are in  look out for no fun only messaging then BlackBerry is sure to enthral you.But if you want something more cheap and yet fascinating go for Java OS.
Research is important for a buyer,yes many go for it but only literally see Specifications.After-all,they get much excited don't they!But speaking truly,you need to watch some videos.See how the OS works,hear some comments about your phone and then visually back-up your thoughts.Sometimes you don't get it right only cause you dont compare various phones in the given price bracket.Turns-out,you suffer from anxiety whenever you see you phone.Lack it or Love it..


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